Informed Horizons Education Inc. will serve as conference secretariat for HEP DART 2019


IHE was launched in 2019 in order to address important and unmet educational needs in professional and medical fields as pertaining to continued medical education, live programming, and online resources that will benefit professionals, clinicians, researchers, nurses and students in the predominantly biomedical field. As a non-profit entity, we offer our services to medical and research institutions for the organization of scientific meetings, training workshops, secretarial support and educational content development. For more information on our offered services, contact us at


our mission

“It is the mission, duty and purpose of Informed Horizons Education, Inc. (IHE) to address unmet needs and knowledge gaps that educate and inform clinicians, research scientists, nurses, students, trainees and patients on the latest medical and scientific discoveries. The educational programs are designed to help health care professionals provide improved care for patients and affected individuals. IHE aims to lead and facilitate the independent development of unbiased and scientifically balanced, postgraduate educational activities, designed and implemented to facilitate the continued professional development of physicians and other healthcare professionals. Ultimately, IHE’s mission is to provide continuing education opportunities for professionals on the challenges of our time and inform them of what lies ahead on the horizon”.