The Committees of HEP DART consist of experts with a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge in the field of hepatology.  




Scientific Committee of HEP DART 2019

Harvey Alter — NIH, USA

Ralf Bartenschlager — University of Heidelberg, Germany

Mithat Bozdayi — Ankara University, Turkey

Francis Chisari —The Scripps Research Institute

Adrian Di Bisceglie — Saint Louis University, USA

Geoffrey Dusheiko — University College London, UK

Michael Fried — University of North Carolina, USA

Robert Gish — Robert G. Gish Consultants, LLC, USA 

Jason Grebely — University of New South Wales, Australia

Allison Jilbert — University of Adelaide, Australia 

Harry Janssen — Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, Canada

Brent Korba — Georgetown University, USA 

Shyamasundaran Kottilil — Maryland University, USA

George Lau  — Humanity and Health Medical Center, Hong Kong, China

Stanley Lemon —University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA 

Miriam Levy — University of Western Sydney and University of New South Wales, Australia

Anna Lok — University of Michigan Medical Center, USA 

Michael Manns — Hannover Medical School, Germany

Patrick Marcellin — Hopital Beaujon, France

John McHutchison — Gilead Sciences, Inc., USA

Marion Peters — University of California, San Francisco, USA

Tracy Swan — Treatment Action Group, USA